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The Rules

Friday, 05/20/2005

Broly Vs. Trunks
Mood:  on fire
Topic: Battle_Grounds

Broly:(Flys in from the West over Roshi's house) Wat is this place pathetic. (Starts up energy beam)
Just before annihilating the small Island Trunks flys in.
Trunks:(Getting Brolys attention hits Broly in the Face with energy ball)Hey you who the F*** are you. And wut are you doing here?
Broly:That was Pathetic (teleports behind Trunks).
Trunks:Where did he go (Trunks sensing Broly turns arond slowly). How the... aaaggg!
Broly:(Elbows Trunks in the back of the neck).
Trunks:(Stunned) Cheap shot so that's how you want to play it!!
Broly:Bring it on!
Both Fighters join in mid air and the battle is so intense that Earth itself is trembling!
Trunks:(throwing punch's left and right).(Thinking) How are my moves not fassing him. Its like hes absorbing them some how.
Broly:(Continuing to let Trunks hit him flies backward to dodge another of Trunks hits)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..ha....!
Now let me show you how its done.
Trunks:No...No..(Trunks realizing now how strong Broly truly is prepares for Broly's attack)
Broly:(Flying toward Trunks throws lefts and rights).
Trunks:(Getting pumbled by Broly tries his best to block the attacks). This isn't working I've got to get away.
Broly:(Not seeming to let up on his attack finally out of the blue stops). You seem to be disappointed maybe if I let you go Super Saiyan this fight my be a little more entertaining. I'll give you just 5 mins before I finish you off.
Trunks:(Realizing SSJ will be his only chance to survive powers up). YYYYAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Big mistake now you'll get wants coming to you.
Broly:I highly doubt you'll even touch me(grins)
Trunks:Take this (Powers up an energy blast)
Broly:(Teleports over to Trunks plugs up his hands and overpowers Trunks and puts hand in Trunks face).
Trunks:(Energy Blast blows up in Trunks face and he falls down in mid air toward Roshi's house).
Trunks:(Regaining control over fall)That was crazy even at SSJ he is still stronger than me Ho..HOW!(Fustrated Trunks becomes angered and flies back to Broly's location).
Broly:What took you so long o mighty Saiyan.
Trunks:Nothing you ready yet or are going to just talk.
Broly:Fine with me but let me show you my secret power of the saiyan race!(Just then Broly powers up and the Earth seems to break apart as if a huge earthquake just went off)!(Transforming into Legendary Super Saiyan form) Now this is the true might of the saiyan race.
Trunks:(Not believing a bit of what he is seeing). HOW THE HELL is that even reachable even Goku doesn't have a power that high.
Broly:Lets just say im not of your Saiyan Race!
Trunks:(Even more pissed) Fine then I'll have to end your race once and for all.
Broly:Ha you can't even touch me (Just then and energy field emerges from Broly and blows Trunks back)
Trunks:(Stunned and dazzed) Grrrrrrrrrr.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!(flies to Broly to engage him head on).
Broly:Lets go!!
Trunks:(Suddenly stops and fires his Buster Cannon) BUSS..TER...CANNoooooN!
Broly:(grins)(And fires and attack of his own)Blaster Shell!

Both energys meet in the middle and collide with one another. The 2 fighters continue to power up there energys. Finally they both explode in mid air.
Broly:(Laughing) Ha ahahaha.. That was the sorryiest excuse for an attack i've ever seen.
Trunks:(grinning) You didn't do so good your self!
Broly:Really now then how come my power level is still at max and yours has been halved.
Trunks:What are you talking about.
Broly:Look at yourself kid your not even worth fighting now!
Trunks:Shut up! (Flies toward Broly).
Broly:(Throws a left hook contacting with Trunks gut).
Trunks:Agg aaaaaaaa...!(Trunks eyes rolling to the back of his head drops to sandy ground).
Broly:See what I mean Kid!
Trunks:(Out cold)
Broly:psssttt!!!(Starts flying away)
Trunks:(Regaining concious)Whe WHere do yo you think your going!(Struggles to get up)
Broly:So theres still fight in you yet huh!
Trunks:Damn Straight!
Broly:(Teleports to Trunks how is on his knees)
Trunks:(Looking up at the giant)So what are you going to do?
Broly:This (Just then Broly kicks trunks across the island).
Trunks:(Bouncing off sand and scapping his back, arms, and legs stopps with sand surrounding his head).(Gets up)
Broly:Why bother even moving let alone getting up.
Trunks:Because I have to stop you now!
Broly:(preparing for and attack by Trunks)
Trunks:(Using Broly's own move teleports behind Broly and elbows him in the back).
Broly:(Hitting dirt face first gets up and brushes himself off).
Trunks:Like that one didn't you!
Broly:Big mistake kid taking my own move like that.
Just then both fighters fly parallel up toward the sky. Just like that they both teleport back and forth each pounding one another seemlesly. The skys continue to light up like a giant firework has just gone off. Just then they both seperate and go back to theres base stance.
Broly:(Folding his arms and standing straight up). That was good!
Trunks:(Taking advantage of Broly attacks knocking the giant back to the sandy island).
Trunks:(Teleports down to the island and gets in Broly's face who is trying to get up).
Broly:(Staring at Trunks)
Trunks:(Charges up and fires another Buster Cannon). Take this aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!
Broly:(Realizing he can't move takes the blast head on litteraly)!
Trunks:Thats what I thought!
Broly:(Really pissed blasts away the dirt to get out of the hole).
Broly:Its over (Powers up) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
Trunks:(Turning around is meet by a shoulder block and is launched into the air)
Broly:(flys to the same exact point where Trunks stops and pounches trunks with a energy fist).(Then grabs Trunks face and Flies toward ground and throws Trunks into the dirt).(Then flies back into the air).(Fires up his ultimate attack)
Trunks:(Still out cold)
Trunks:(Begins to awake and knows something is wrong).(Turns around to see that Broly is in mid air with an attack that will end him).
Broly:(Evilish laugh)Hahahah now you will suffer!
Broly:(Fires Gigantic energy ball the size of a 8 story apartment).
Trunks:(Realizing he is to weak to dodge holds his ground).
Trunks:I...I can't stop him he's going to destroy me!
Trunks:(Prepares for the energy and holds out his arms in hopes of stopping the attack even though its seems impossible).
As the Gigantic ball approach's Trunks powers up. When the ball reach's Trunks he struggles a great ordeal trying to stop it his cloths start to shread up. Then just as Trunks thinks he can stop it Broly powers it even more to a tremendous level. Trunks soon becomes overcome by the power and is soon swallowed by it and dissentegrates into it. Once the smoke clears it is obvious to see that the hole where once a tiny island was is no more. The fight is over.

Posted by n00bsm0k3 at 12:48 AM

Tuesday, 05/10/2005

Battle_Grounds Rules:
Mood:  lazy
Topic: The Rules

Wut is the BattleGrounds?
The BattleGrounds is for any DB DBZ and or DBGT Fan out there who wants to make a battle story with someone else. Also the story as to be RPG like. Hopefully you all know your DBZ/GT characters! Its ment to have fun with wut ive done is made gifs to represent battles you can to.

1)No made up characters are allowed!
2)No swearing on your mothers grave.
3)No bloody messes that ill have to clean up.
4)opponent must accept fight challenge (no taunting will be allowed).
5)Choose your place of battle!
6)Have Fun and make Friends and or Enemies!
7)Wins will be decided on best Story representation and originality!

Characters! Send me a post of the character you want to use and his Specials only that will be all need! Also if he has a fusion characters of fusion are Kid Trunks, Goten, Vegeta, Goku, and Piccolo.

Note: Use Gifs easier one the hand also winners will be posted every weekend!

With your help DBZ/GT fans will have great stories to tell to the children or something like that ^.^!

Help! Giffing or however you call it is easy first off the gif will appear where ever you decide to look for one right click on it and go to properties there will be a link to that gif copy it and when you want to past it in first type img src="gifs link" and enclose with <> on both sides. The gif will be put into your story for further help go to HTML_HELP

Posted by n00bsm0k3 at 10:01 PM
Updated: Tuesday, 05/10/2005 10:04 PM

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