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Budokai 3
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Budokai 3

The best, in my humble opinion...

This is the DBZ fans most wanted game Budokai 3. Yes the game is out for PS2 and soon for Gamecube. But it is the most awaited game for me b/c I love DBZ! The game before it was released look amazing from SS I saw and review. The game is like an RPG style game mixed in with like Tekken and Mortal Kombat features. The games is as you could say cartoon and 3D mixed together.

I'll be sure to include lots of screenshots so you get a good sense of the game.


This is a RPG fighting game based off the hit TV show Dragonball Z. It includes all of the characters from DBZ and GT except pan. You can explore the planets as you fly your way around the world finding Dragon balls and fighters to spare with. This game is 3D cartoonish wish in my opinion rules b/c DBZ was ment to be an anime cartoon not real life skined. So anyway pick up the title if you are a hard core DBZ fan or if you like fighting RPG games!

Game Creators

In this area I'll list the authors or developers of this game and mention other game credits they have.

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If you need help on anything ask me and or if I am of no help i would be glad to give out links to helpful sources.